Thursday, April 14, 2011

Decisions Decisions.

Well, thankfully for my wallet, I'm nowhere near completion of my '68 Imperial Coupe, so this issue isn't an immediate one, but I cant help myself from wondering about wheel selection.

Originally I was hot and heavy for a set of 20" Centerline California Smoothies.  The car is a monster, so where normally I'm not a huge fan of giant wheels on older cars, that diameter would probably fill the wheel well out nicely, while still allowing me to run a decently meaty tire, and not have to run rubber bands.

Now, I don't know whether it's because I've been getting more interested in the early low rider scene over the past few years, or that I just think that high roller cars like Imperials need wires, but recently, I started looking at other combos of wheels. I like good ol' Supremes, but they don't work on this car. I also love Kelsey Hayes Chrysler wires, but they look more at home on  62 and earlier Mopars.

Then I found these:
They're Cadillac wire wheels. The difference from KH Chrysler wheels is subtle but definite. A few companies make reproductions and I figure I could swap Imperial center emblems in.

All said and done at this point, the most important thing is to reassemble and reinstall the engine, and get the car up and running again.  I personally hate the stock 68 caps, but I really like 64's so that's what I'll be running to start  with.

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