Thursday, April 28, 2011

Barn Find Friday... on Thursday.

"Barn Find" is one of those terms that seems to have become one of the most overused keywords in old car ads over the past decade. Perhaps it's the fact that in today's world, it seems like the only chance you have to find some untouched piece of automotive history, is if it's been sitting in a shed behind some recluses farm house for half a century, which oddly enough, is the story in many of these cases.  However, the phrase "Barn find" comes up in every ad from an 80's Camaro to a $30k finished hot rod. Regardless, I still like to use it as a keyword in my never ending search for fun stuff that I don't need, and every so often I come up with something that aptly fits the description.

So I'm gonna start posting "barn finds" hopefully once a week. Unless I state otherwise, I have no knowledge of these cars beyond whats said in the ads, or their owners, and I'm not trying to vouch for anything said in those ads... I'm just a hunter. "Barn Find Friday" sounds better than Barn find Thursday, so I'll post a find every Friday.... but i just thought this stuff up this morning, so give me a break. :)

Anyway to start it off with, check this out:
A 40 Ford Deluxe Tudor, 46 Flathead, mostly complete, & off the road since 56. I could be wrong, but the price seems reasonable too.

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