Friday, April 1, 2011

The art of car design.

I was looking through some of the many galleries on the Hub one day, and I came across a gallery with the name "Vintage Original Styling Studio." I've always been fascinated by concept art from the past, and this guys collection of work is awesome, so I contacted him, and we have since become friends.
Dave has the bug like many of us do, but his specific interest is in original styling sketches from inside the walls of the big 3 which makes for a very unique look at a different time in the motor city.

Working as an automotive desinger, I have come to accept that the bulk of my life's work will go unseen by anyone not working for the same company, and only a few that do, for that matter. Maybe the secrecy and closed door confidentiality of the car design world is what makes old concept art so cool to me. It's like getting to see forbidden documents that somehow escaped the confines of storage or the fate of disposal! Well, at least that's one part of it. What keeps me in utter awe is the sheer amount of skill that these designers had.    More of my thoughts on this later. For now, check out  Dave's collection of original work.

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