Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cars of Lonestar.

I didn't make it down to LSRU X this year, but I did spend some serious time on the internet drooling over some super nice rides while being jealous that it's sunny and warm elsewhere in the world. 

Here's some cars I that thought were particularly interesting (all photos lifted from various show coverage posts on the H.A.M.B.)

Ok, so it's not a car, but wood boats + fins = instant awesome in my book.

I really dislike chameleon color flop paint, but given the context, I'm not as annoyed by the paint on this car as I thought I would be...

Seeing pre-53 mopar customs done tastefully is somewhat of a rarity given the cars' clumsy proportions to begin with, so with the exception of the cliche caddy taillights of which i'm not a fan, I think this car is pretty successfull.

Some other eye candy:

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