Thursday, February 16, 2012

Blueprint: "We Three Kings"

These bad boys have been two years in the making... well  maybe a year and a bunch of months procrastinating, but the idea has been bouncing around my brain for that long anyway... :)

For the second installment of Blueprints, I wanted to do a tri-fecta of Mercs: a 49, a 50 and a 51. A hardtop, a convertible, and a coupe. It just so happens that there are three Mercs that fit the bill, that I've lusted over for years. With my stockpile of old mags, and the awesome resources of Rik Hoving and Kustomrama I was able to get enough good reference to hopefully do the cars justice.

They are going to the print shop tomorrow so i can get proofs and color tests then they will be ready for order.

If you want to pre-order them, drop me an email with your contact info at  Prices are the same as my other blueprint sets, so you can get 'em on the cheap!

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