Monday, February 27, 2012

Detroit Autorama: Another year in the rearview.

Well, I'm officially runnin on empty. The weekend was absolutely great though! Saw some decent sales, got to see some old friends, and even made some new ones. The Artsist Alley in the basement is a cool mix of different types of arts which makes it fun to be part of. I love this show, though by the end of a third day of being a salesman, I dont know how some of my fellow artists do that as a full time gig.. it takes a LOT outta ya! 

I took a bunch of pictures, which I'll eventually get uploaded, but in the mean time, I did a quick search for coverage, and came across "Boss Mustang's" flickr show coverage, which I think has a good mix of stuff from the upstairs, as well as the downstairs.

Check it out: Autorama 2012 Slideshow

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