Friday, September 2, 2011

29 Steelback "Saloon"

After I posted the "What If" Roadster a few weeks ago, I received a message from a HAMBer who wanted to see what his 1929 Model A Steelback would look like with some euro flare. He asked me to look to late 30's Jag saloons and a few other brits for inspiration and here's what i came up with:

While I didnt want to lose the identity of the Ford, I did aim to get a bit more of the Brittish/European feel to it. In the inital work up, I went with a mild chop, leaned back A pillars, knock off wire wheels, a decent channel to get the body down, and I filled the stock Model A fenders in to emmulate the Jag look a little more. I also added raked 33 Ford hood side vents to the hood to give a bit more direction to the car.

Here's the same car with a bit more chop:

Here it is, without the covered fender sides, which I actually think I like a little better.

The owner and I spoke, and he asked what the car would look like with bobbed cycle style fenders and louvered aprons like the ones in the picture he sent me:

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