Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Morris Minor!

I love these cars. They are so tiny, but I’ve always thought they had a cool, albeit goofy look to them.
A while back, while scanning CL for projects, I came across an ad for a 59 Morris Minor “Unfinished Project” in Ca. It boasted a built 360, custom frame, mustang II front end and a ford 9” out back. It still needed floors, but all the “hard work” was done. The pictures were grainy but the description and price seemed pretty promising.
Since my father is a Mopar man with a taste for the odd, and since I have more projects already than I have time or money for, I sent the ad along to him.
Long story short, the car is a basket case. The motor was bad, the frame was crooked, and over all it was a backyard project gone awry. Alas it was still a cool car! And the idea of a little gasser inspired beast was enough to get the ball rolling!

Here’s a sketch I did when we got the car:


The theme is Gasser…inspired. I do like the nose up look, but for this car, I figured a slammed stance would suite it well. It will retain a hood to convey more of a sleeper sleeper as a Morris with 10” slicks out back can be, anyway. Along the way we have found a parts car to donate most of the original parts that we are currently missing, which is cool because I prefer a bit of original trim as opposed to it being all smoothed out. I’d also love to bring some of the stock interior back into it (there is only a dash shell in the car as far as interior goes now.) Since the car will see more street time than strip, the dune buggy racing seats that came with it can go where they belong; out on the curb. I’ll post some pics of the progress on this as it happens. In the mean time, here’s a peak at what it looked like when we got it home:


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