Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy Newyears!

Sorry to have been slacking as of late. Between the holidays and life in general, I haven't had much extra time on my hands lately. I'll be updating more frequently soon, as things start to ramp up for the Autorama show here in Detroit.

I found this video on Le Container and loved it. Being a tool junkie, places like this always appeal to me. There's something about old tools that have a certain feel to them. Good tools don't die. They just move from place to place. Some get found and re-purposed, some get recycled. You know it when you find a good old piece though, whether it's a WW2 era bench vice that looks like it should be a boat anchor, but still moves with the smoothness of a well oiled precision instrument, or an old set of Mac wrenches, that after 50 years and countless amounts of abuse, still fit snugly to their appropriate bolts, with zero slop.

Perhaps it's the lack of quality, or the disposable nature inherently baked into cheapy tool places like H.Freight (which, don't get me wrong, I have definitely broken down and bought stuff from on more than one occasion) but the tools that I've inherited from my father or his father, mixed with some of the "junk" I've picked up at swap meets and estate sales over the years is some of the best stuff that I have. For example, I have a early 60's Snap-On tool chest. It's dirty, oily, and ugly, but the drawers still slide as well as any ball bearing unit you could buy today...which is more than I can say about some of my newer budget tool carriers.

Anyway, enough babble. Peep the Vid. I never though about it in terms of sustainability, but it makes a good bit of sense. Enjoy.

There's No Place Like Here: Liberty Tool from Etsy on Vimeo.

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