Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Barn Find Friday: McCormack Coupe

I know, I know... it's Thursday, but I'm leaving town for the weekend and definitely thought this was worth posting.  For more info and a good account of the find, check out the full article on

A small clip of the article:
Built in 1955 by Henry McCormack of Orange, California; he debuted his car at the 1955 International Motor Revue Show in Los Angeles. ...What exactly he used for a drive train, the article didn’t say, but in McCormack’s own cutaway drawing of the car, it appears to be a Cadillac V-8....According to Geoff, McCormack built 10-15 cars, of which Geoff has located three or four. This particular McCormack appears to have the engine mounts for a small-block Chevrolet V-8 and was allegedly drag raced at Atco in New Jersey.

All photos courtesy Geoff Hacker

Update* While looking at the comment's in the Hemmings blog, I saw that someone linked this picture from a show in the early 60's. Is it the same car? Given that the picture was taken on the east coast, and the car in the above photos seems to have had the fenders patched where the following photographed car had exhaust exits, it just might be... ;)

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