Friday, July 22, 2011

Barn Find Friday: '46 Dodge

I'm torn this morning.  There were a few cars that I could have posted today. Namely there's an original looking deuce coupe on CL that's been off the road since 1963.  But part of it being a good find is that it's also a somewhat decent deal...and at a $30k asking price, the deuce was just too rich for my blood.

So I give you this... A lowly ol' Dodge. The chrome around the windshield makes me think it's a Custom, which was the more expensive of the line up. Title says it's been in storage since 64. It needs a lot of love, but for $500 with no reserve, it looks to be a great starting point for someone who wants a fat fendered car, and doesn't wanna shell out the big bucks for a FoMoCo project of the same condition.

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