Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Model Car box Art.

I love model cars from the 50's and 60's. Granted I'm a child of a later generation, but I grew up building kits that my old man would buy at swap meets. Half assembled, missing pieces, and customized by kids totally smitten by the suggestions on the instruction sheets by the greats like Barris, Winfield, Cushenberry, Dean Jeffries, and the Alexander Brothers.  Among those kids was my father, who gave me the models that he had built as a kid. Those models became more important to me than any shiny new kit. When I unearth those, I'll photograph and post them, as he built some pretty bad ass cars. 
Anyway, as cool as the models are, I have found myself drawn more and more lately to the Box Art Illustrations as well. The style, colors, and subject matter totally reflects the time, which for young modelers, must have been great!

(pics taken form various internet sources)


  1. Ah the glamourous 60s... I still keep two "Model Car Science" and one "Model Car & Track" magazines, full of these goodies.

  2. Nice! yeah i have a few of my old mans scale auto mags from back then as well.. pretty inspiring stuff!