Sunday, May 29, 2011

55 Olds Headlight rings on the 54.

Yesterday a buddy and I picked the 54 up from a garage up north  that I've had the car stored in since the winter began. After a small hiccup in which the carb linkage broke apart while I was pumping it to start, I made the 45 mile trip home without problems.

I scored a pretty nice set of 55 Olds headlights over the winter so I was anxious to mock them up.

From the front, I love it, but after looking over the pictures, particularly the side profile, I think i'm going to have to set the head light buckets in so that the bottom of the Olds ring sits flush with the existing sheet metal. Right now you can see that it would sit about 2" forward, which looks unnatural from the side.
Regardless, what a difference in look between the stock and custom trim! Makes me excited to get some of the changes I want for the car roughed in!

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