Thursday, February 3, 2011

Streetnik Bandit...Redux

I'll admit it, I like show-rods. Silly and oft times useless as they were, there's a certain 9 year old kid side of me that digs the completely over-the-top nature of these dramatic, gloss and chrome caricatures of themselves. Ed Roth's earlier cars are some of the best of this class. The Beatnik Bandit, The Outlaw, and The Orbitron are all good examples of the crazy one-off  toy like creations that I'm talking about.

When the newest Roth-mobile (the "Streetnik Bandit"created by the late Icon's son) was previewed at the 2010, I can't say i got the same vibe. Between the quad square headlights, the amorphous body that looked somewhat like a stretched, but melted Beatnik, and the blue lazy scallops over cherry red paint, this car lacks a certain... lets call it cohesiveness.

So i took a quick crack at it. The idea was to keep the general shapes/theme but make the car flow a bit better proportionally. I also played up the 60's feel, because lets face it, the 90's vibe isn't working, and the 60's was the heyday for this type of monster anyway.

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