Monday, February 28, 2011

Autorama 2011: Another year past.

Well, another year has past, and I have to say that this years Autorama show was one of the best ones yet! (At least as far as the basement level that housed the traditional scene was concerned) The upper level, for all of it's crazy gloss coated, strobe lit, overcrowded glory did have some nice stuff. A few cars were in fact gorgeous, and tastefully done. Honestly there was a lot of nice stuff as far as craftsmanship was concerned, though some of the design of the cars/builds left me wondering what went awry. Perhaps the fact that it's my day job to be picky about design that makes me a snob, but so see things like a car that cost well over a half a million dollars to build have poorly fitting crooked exhaust, or wheel choices that looked like they were right off the Pep Boys shelf made me kind of frustrated that details like that were overlooked. 

Alright enough of my rant about high-dollar low-thought rods. This year the downstairs went full traditional, which was a great move that was proved by the immense amount of traffic that I saw for my booth at the rear most corner! For those of you who have never been, it's been split in previous years between the trad scene and the tuner scene. Unfortunately, do the the fact that the tuner scene was never properly marketed, or perhaps that there's just not as big a following here in motor city, it was always pretty dull, and quiet in comparison with the hot rod side, that has been busting at the seams in recent years. This is also the first year that it was opened up to a few of us artists to display and sell our work. It was a great opportunity to showcase some work, and I finally got to meet some of the guys that I have only read about or communicated with online.

Here's a few highlights and follow the link to see a slide show (about 180 photos) that i took throughout the weekend!

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