Monday, January 31, 2011

Wanted to give a nod to a friend and all around good guy Buddy, who is building a Flathead Cadillac powered monster to shatter some records at B-ville this August. Beyond being a great guy to work with, Buddy has put himself out there on more than one occasion when there was a charity to be supported or a person in need. There's not that many people these days willing to step up to the plate so quickly, and I applaud him for being one of them.

I did some t-shirt designs for the crew a few months back and more recently, he's released a limited run of signed/numbered FlatCad Blueprint illustrations, both of which are available along with a killer source of hard to find go-fast goods for caddy flatheads on the website. If you are into Flathead Cads, or just enjoy a well designed site, it's definitely worth checkin out. 

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