Thursday, May 20, 2010

Who the hell is this guy?

Well, I guess I should start this off with a bit about myself.

My name’s Chris. I grew up in northern New Jersey in the same town that Tony Soprano grew up in on “The Sopranos” series… which is pretty much the only time I’ve ever heard anyone outside of NJ recognize the town of Boonton. My father is, and always has been a serious old car fanatic. He had a used car lot, out of which he sold late model cars. On the side, however, he was hustling old iron as well. Some of my earliest memories of “going to work with Dad” involved riding along with him in his big ol’ flatbed, carrying a 7000lb early 60’s beast of one sort or another, or sitting behind the wheel of any and all of the cars in the back of the lot, shifting gears like I was a race car driver.


As far as my design background, I love drawing cars which is good since I’m in the business of drawing them for a living. I went to school for industrial design, then i moved to Detroit and went back to school to study transportaion design. I really enjoy what i do, but if I wasn’t working in the car world, I’d be happy to be designing in the product world…or the furniture world... Who knows? Who cares? I draw shit, and I fix shit…or I try to anyway. I love tinkering, though half the time I don’t know what the hell I’m doing until I get done.

On what hopefully becomes a somewhat regular basis, I’ll be posting pictures, stories, history, sketches, chicken scratch, projects, likes, dislikes…whatever comes to mind that I think is worth sharing.

Thanks for lookin!

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