Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Another golden oldie: Lil' Red Express

 I'm suddenly busy as hell, but I don't have anything new to post up just yet, so in the name of posting fun stuff, it's back to the archives.

 Odd that it hasn't happened already... I've seen some really odd things become pro-touring monsters, but I've yet to see a late 70's Dodge dressed for the part. I figure a Lil' Red (or any d-100 step-side for that matter) would be a great candidate. For this one in particular, I smoothed a few details, tucked the front bumper in, and rolled the rear pan, as well as kicked up the ramp angle in the rear fenders. The stacks have been shortened and mufflers integrated. Wheels are large diameter chrome jobs that look like the original stamped parts.

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