Thursday, August 18, 2011

Vinsetta Garage Repurposed.

For those of you local to this area, the Vinsetta Garage in Royal Oak MI probably needs no intro. It's the oldest garage "this side of the Mississippi," according to Jalopnik. Opened in 1919, it was in service until earlier this year, when the owner decided to call it quits for personal reasons. Because of it's location, it was assumed that the old structure would meet with the wrecking ball, but as of yesterday I was pleased to find out that the building will remain as it is, and house a new restaurant thats owners have vowed to not change the exterior, short of maybe stripping the paint off of it. I'll be watching this closely but for now, am relieved to see that a pretty significant piece of this areas automotive history will be somewhat preserved, albeit for a different line of service. :)

(Pics grabbed from various source online)

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